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Why your business makes you existentially tired, and how sports can show us a better way

The other day I heard an NFL network analyst say that in the past 16 seasons, 18 teams have gone from worst to first in their divisions in the course of a single year.

And that made me think: You know what’s great about sports? FRESH STARTS.

You have a game, you win or you lose, you can watch film after, and then you move on.
New week, new game. You get to start over, start fresh, over and over and over again.

And even if you’re losing a bunch of games, eventually the season ends.

Everyone has a bad season, but you take the off-season, you reset, maybe make some changes in personnel, and you’re back to try again.

Business ain't like that. Not that it can’t be, we just don’t do it that way.

We churn, grind, and push until we can't anymore. Slack won't save us. The latest iOS update can't fix it. Organic focus and energy tea imported from an exclusive family farm in Italy run by the equivalent of the life guru mafia can't undo our work patterns and make us feel whole.

After seeing this for too long with our clients, we realized we needed a better way, so we started getting extreme about our accountability system. Now, you might think this would add stress, but the truth turns out to be pretty counterintuitive.

When we have:

- clear, tangibly measurable results defined and written down, and
- those results have specific target dates, and
- you’re receiving regular supportive accountability designed to help you do your best thinking…

...a beautiful thing happens: you win some and you lose some. And when you lose some, you pause, breathe, reflect, and start again.

And when you win some, you actually notice and celebrate that.

And just like that, you can breathe. You can reflect more clearly. You can pause. You can delegate with confidence. Your team gets energized (and happier). You can leave your business alone (with the clear results you established for your team) for a month while you enjoy the Puerto Rican sunshine during the winter (real client story).

You're tired. You've tried all the tricks and shortcuts. It's time to stop settling and get support to focus fully and effectively on results. I've experienced it. My clients have seen the difference. You deserve a livable life while you build a business you can be proud of. Interested to see what that might look and feel like for you? Click here to see if you qualify for a free consultation; if you do, we’ll help you develop a clear list of date-bound results, our treat.
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